Small Business’ Big Deal

From crafters to growers, artisans, resellers, antique dealers to any small business innovators, the Hawksbill Trading Company is a launching pad for creative business folks to find their way to success. Stop by our cooperative, located near downtown Luray at 139 Virginia Avenue, and be inspired to shop and support local merchants. ​

The Shenandoah Valley has a long tradition of craft, from pottery, metalwork to woodcraft of all kinds. Today we are no different. Our members can’t stop making things. Today we have photographers, authors, jewelers, carpenters, potters and painters. These artisans are here to make your life a little more special.​

When you need a gift, we will have something special for you to give. Fashion items, jewelry, soaps, candles, preserved food items, hand sewn items that make perfect gifts. The possibilities are endless. Be creative with your giving, or treat yourself to a new look.
And as the home to Page County Grown we are committed to sourcing organic local produce, meat, eggs even local wool. From our farms to your tables, we offer you the best ingredients. ​

The Hawksbill Trading Company is a place to share ideas, gather resources, be inspired and find support for entrepreneurial ambitions. It is a place for these same emerging businesses to sell their wares. In the world of business, we are a positive haven. We are committed to giving concepts a place to be tested and explored, and possibly encouraged to take the next big step.​

We are small business’ big deal. For more information, visit​

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Upcoming Events:

Festival of Spring - May 13


Town of Luray 4th of July Celebration - July 04


Page Valley Cycling Road Race - July 29


Discovery Day - August 12


Luray International Triathlon & Luray Sprint Triathlon - August 19


Page Valley Fair - August 19


Page County Heritage Festival - October 07


Home School Week at Luray Caverns - October 30