Hawksbill Brewery Hopping in Downtown Luray

​Virginia is truly for Craft Beer Lovers — and travelers and craft breweries nationwide are taking notice. In the last decade, the Virginia craft beer scene has exploded, creating social spots in cities and rural communities across the state where travelers and locals alike can soak in some local flavor. Luray’s Hawksbill Brewery has now joined in this agri-tourism movement with their spring opening in the downtown historic district. Thirsty residents and passerby’s can stop, relax and enjoy a variety of beer. Their motto is “grown here, brewed here” – which is a mission, or journey, for all of Virginia craft brewing and is a big part of what the Hawksbill team wants to accomplish in Luray. David Sours, Kevin Crisler, and Jim Turner started planning the brewery in 2015, after they harvested the first hops at Hawksbill Hop Yards, their one-acre farm in Luray. Then the 22 Zerkel Street building downtown became available, and because of its history as an ice storage facility and creamery from the 1940’s, it was a natural fit. The company was officially formed in 2016 and the process of creating Hawksbill Brewing began. Ingredients are sourced from area farms, local markets and pick-your-own venues, as are the Luray grown blackberries in the current Survivor Blackberry Stout. The hops will continue to be grown in Luray. And soon the brewery plans to add other fruits, honey, herbs and species and even potentially grain in upcoming brews. So come enjoy the companionship of friends in our charming, national park community and try one of the newest Blue Ridge brews just off Main Street in Luray. Visit the Facebook page, for hours and more information.

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