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Welcome to Geology’s Hall of Fame

Luray Caverns is the largest and most popular caverns in Eastern America.

Baseball has one. So does rock and roll. And after millions of years, geologists have one, too. Discover it for yourself. We are proud to offer tours along well-lighted, paved walkways that lead visitors through cathedral-sized rooms with ceilings 10-stories high, towering stone formations, and natural wonders at every turn. Come visit Luray Caverns and discover a world unto itself. Want a peek? Take our 360 Video Tour or watch our television ads.

Luray Caverns in 360°
Luray Caverns on YouTube 360


4 Million Centuries in the Making...

Saracen’s Tent

Delicately Folded Stone Formations

There’s nothing more beautiful than these scarves, shawls, lambrequins of translucent calcite, some white as snow, falling in graceful folds, fringed with a thousand patterns, and so thin that a candle held behind one of them reveals all the structure within.” – The Smithsonian

4 Million Centuries in the Making...

Giant's Hall

Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, Caverns for Everyone

Enormous chambers are filled with towering stone columns, shimmering draperies and crystal-clear pools. The National Park Service and the Department of Interior designated it a Registered Natural Landmark.

Dream Lake

An Other-Worldly Optical Illusion

This is the largest body of water in the caverns. However, its deepest point is not more than 18 to 20 inches. This sparkling lake reflects a myriad of fantastic forms and creates a mirror image of the abundant stalactites hanging from the ceiling.

Titania's Veil

Frozen Flowing Limestone

All formations in the caverns are calcite, a crystalline form of limestone. Calcite in its purest form is naturally white. Titania’s Veil is a pristine example of a calcite formation in its finest purity.

Double Column

A Towering Icon

Dominating Giant’s Hall at a height of 47 feet, this column is the tallest and one of the most spectacular formations in the caverns. The Double Column is a classic example of the two basic cave formations the stalactite and stalagmite coming together as one massive wonder of nature.

The Stalacpipe Organ

You Won't Believe Your Ears

Can stalactites sound as unearthly as they look? They do at Luray Caverns. The Great Stalacpipe Organ is the world’s largest musical instrument. It literally makes stalactites sing by gently tapping them throughout three acres of the caverns. It’s a musical masterpiece that can’t be found anywhere else in the world … or under it.