Event Info

Date: May 28

Time: 7p - 8p

Location: Online

A Livestream Event

In this livestream event, retired Harpers Ferry Chief Historian Dennis Frye and retired lawyer Catherine Magi read from their book, “Confluence,” which tells the story of a land layered in history: Harpers Ferry.

In this livestream program, they’ll read favorite passages from their book – a comprehensive history of the Ferry – and answer questions.

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To purchase this book (proceeds benefit the nonprofit Harpers Ferry Park Association), visit https://www.harpersferryhistory.org/product/confluence-harpers-ferry-destiny

About the Book:

Confluence offers the most comprehensive telling of Harpers Ferry history to date, incorporating all major stories that intersect here, as well as some less-known ones.

Harpers Ferry has long been a gathering point of the American story. From explorers and innovators to warriors and reformers, passionate souls with wildly diverse causes have flowed again and again into this tiny village, shaping the town–and, in many cases, the country.

Focusing on personal, human experiences recorded in journals, letters, and other documents, Confluence: Harpers Ferry as Destiny offers a view of Harpers Ferry history that is both sweeping and intimate. Come: Discover the national dramas that have converged at Harpers Ferry. Slavery and the quest for freedom. War, expansion, and revolution. Natural disaster upon natural disaster, and the enduring human spirit that has refused to relinquish hope.

Published in honor of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park’s 75th anniversary, Confluence also includes perspective on the rebirth of this war- and flood-ravaged town as a national park. Under the stewardship of NPS, Harpers Ferry has continued to evolve, continued to reveal new stories.