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Antiques on Wheels

THE CAR & CARRIAGE CARAVAN MUSEUM at Luray Caverns, Virginia, takes visitors through the fascinating story of roadway travel.

It features over 140 items related to transportation and includes 50 motorized vehicles starting from simple wagons and coaches to the elaborate and luxurious automobiles of the 1940s. Meticulously restored to their original splendor, these “antiques on wheels” are in running condition and beautifully displayed.

A fascination to all is the elegant and extremely rare 1932 Rolls Royce Shooting Brake – a recent addition to the collection. Capturing the spirit of a bygone era is a 1928 Mercedes Benz. Here you can see the oldest auto in operating condition on display in America, the 1898 Benz Vis-à-vis and the incredible 1899 Peugeot. Those are just a few of the centerpieces of this outstanding collection. Let your imagination soar after learning some “old tricks” engineered into these exquisite vehicles. Included with your admission to Luray Caverns, the largest, most popular caverns in eastern America, is your self-guided tour of The Car & Carriage Caravan Museum.

Also included in the Luray Caverns general admission along with the Car and Carriage Caravan is the Shenandoah Heritage Village. It is a collection of local restored historic buildings that create a small 19th-century farming community, including The Luray Valley Museum, a museum of the Shenandoah Valley showcasing artifacts from the 1750s to the 1920s. Go to to plan your visit.