Escape the heat in the Shenandoah Valley by exploring Luray Caverns.

Beneath the northern Shenandoah Valley floor, this U.S. Registered Natural Landmark stays at a constant 54 degrees Fahrenheit, offering a refreshing retreat year-round.

Every year, over half a million visitors enjoy the cool climate and admire the massive underground chambers decorated with ancient stone formations in spectacular natural colors.

While the Shenandoah Valley can be humid in the summer, its beauty remains undiminished. Nestled between the Blue Ridge and Massanutten Mountains and graced by the scenic Shenandoah River, the area offers a beautiful escape. Luray Caverns, located just 90 minutes southwest of Washington, D.C., is an accessible and popular destination.

Since its discovery in 1878, Luray Caverns has provided a welcome reprieve to millions of visitors in all seasons. Open daily, it continues to be a favorite destination for those seeking natural beauty and a break from the heat. Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of Luray Caverns and enjoy a cool, comfortable adventure any time of the year. Visit for more information and to plan your trip.