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Escape 211 (if you can)

See if you can figure your way out of Luray’s newest adventure game, Escape 211.

Escape 211 was born of the idea to bring a unique experience of team building and bonding to Luray and Page County. They provide a variety of rooms that promote group co-operation, problem-solving, and communication through the value of teamwork. You’ll leave with a sense of excitement, intrigue and most of all, memorable moments that you can talk about days, months or even years later. Players are given a set time limit to use clues, puzzles, and riddles to unveil the secret plot hidden within the rooms. Two unique themed rooms “The Missing Ranger” and “The Enchanted Library” are waiting for you to either become an escape room MVP or, if the clock runs out, an epic fail. Book your escape room adventure today by visiting https://escape211.com