Caverns Country Club is a big part of the Luray Caverns family.

Located just beyond the Luray Caverns entrance, in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is one of the most scenic golfing opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Overlooking the fabled Shenandoah River, these 6,499 yards of gently rolling fairways seem to touch the mountain foothills. Vistas of nearby farmlands complement this 18 hole, par 72 course.

Unlike your average course, the goal is not to not to hit the ball long and down the middle of the fairway on the signature #1 hole. Caverns Country Club has the only hole in America with a cave opening in the middle of the par-5 first fairway. The karst topography makes the probability of cave openings a near certainty on this large tract of land on the limestone bluffs of the Shenandoah River. What should a golfer do if their ball rolls into this cave? In 1976 a point was made to call the US Golf Association for an official ruling. A free drop is allowed if your ball goes into a cave that is “in play” on a fairway. But don’t go looking for it in Luray Caverns. This opening leads to a small unexcavated cavern. Still, the cave opening does conjure up some interesting comments.

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