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NOW OPEN 9:00 — 4:00

Luray Caverns Discovery Day

On August 17th, visitors will be able to experience the world-renowned natural landmark and other on-site attractions in a different light; Luray Caverns celebrates the 141st anniversary of its discovery with the annual Grand Illumination.

The main attraction throughout Discovery Day will be the Grand Illumination Tours of this wonder of nature. The first Grand Illumination took place in 1878 when The New York Herald reported that a “thousand candles illuminated the antechambers making it nearly as bright as day.” This year experience the adventurous thrill from this bygone era as guides in period costumes tell of Luray Caverns’ storied past in special candlelit sections throughout the caverns. Luray Caverns will be open to the public with tours departing frequently starting at 9 a.m. through to 7 p.m.

After dusk, a dramatic fireworks display will light up the skies accompanied by a recital from the Luray Singing Tower—a 47-bell carillon located on the event’s perimeter.