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The Imagination Place

One of downtown Luray’s most visited locations is the unique Warehouse Art Gallery. The Warehouse was opened in 2002 by Luray artist Jim Mayes as a “Center for the Arts.” The gallery is housed in a repurposed historic warehouse alongside the main railroad line in the center of Luray. The casual atmosphere exhibits the works of seventy outstanding local and regional artists in a wonderful 10,000 square foot facility with high ceilings and the original wooden floors. From pottery and stained glass to jewelry and photography, there is certainly something for everyone. An extensive sculpture gallery displays forms both large and small inside and outside the building. Paintings range from watercolors to landscapes to portraits and are available for both browsing and buying.

But the vision was more than a showcase for superb local art. The Warehouse is a place for creative people of all settings, including dancers, writers, actors, musicians, and visual artists to gather. The Warehouse provides a unique venue for weddings, receptions, dinners, parties and concerts. Truly this is a center for the arts and the community of Luray. For more information visit warehouseartgallery.com.​